Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shades of Fall

I spent yesterday mowing the yard to pick up the leaves, with the promise of  rain and snow in today's forecast.  Knowing how the rain brings down the leaves, we took some photos to remember the stage the trees are in during their ever changing color.  Every one goes at it's own speed.  The street we live on is lined with Pin Oak trees.  While they provide shade during the Summer, and are pretty in the Fall, we have more than our share of leaves to pick up.  A bonus this year is that we don't have any acorns!  About every 3 years, we don't have them, or if there is a drought and the trees are stressed.

We took some photos after supper, when the setting sun really brightens up the tops of the trees.  Next week, after daylight savings, we won't get as much of a show.

This photo shows how many different colors one tree often has at one time.

The Red, White, and Blue of Old Glory against yellow ~

I got the back yard all spiffed up.  Look Ma, no leaves!

And then Mother Nature pulled an ugly trick on us.  Rain, snow and 30 degree temperatures!

At least it isn't as bad as what the East Coast has had.  We struggled through that in October 1997 and sympathize with them.

Enjoy Fall, because you know what comes next . . .


  1. Love all the fall colors! Pin oaks are just about my favorite (right after Sugar Maples). Such a beautiful tree-lined street.

    If you don't mind me asking--what do you edge your beds with? You have such crisp lines separating the beds from the lawn......

  2. Thank you Sue. The long flower bed, and another one, have landscape edgers sunk into the ground. We got them at Menard's, or just about any lumber store would probably carry them. The island bed with the rocks doesn't have anything edging it - it has landscape fabric under the rocks and we just run the mower around the edge with the wheel along the edge. I'll try to take photos of them to post in a week or so.

  3. Your street and yard look pretty in fall!