Monday, November 14, 2011

Seasonal changes

In my last post, I showed a wreath I had put together using my fading hydrangea blooms.  Late in the Summer, when the blooms had turned from white to green, I cut some and brought them in the house.  I've done this before and kept them in a vase throughout the Winter and didn't know what they would do if I put them back outside.  

Now I know ~

Now I'm anxious to see how it holds up through the Winter

We went back to visit our son's family in Iowa and I had to drive by a house I admire.  I showed how the landscape looked in August and now I have comparison photos for November.  I have no idea who lives here, but I may mail them a letter or stop and visit next time I am there.  

Here is a landscaped area in the front yard by the driveway.  I love what she has done with her bikes.  I'll show the August photo first and then November one next so you can see the change of colors.

It's fun to see what she has done with each bike ~

Nothing different was done with this trike, but you can see a lot of pretty color in the Fall photo.  I could maybe see a pumpkin sitting on the seat for decoration.  

I have no idea what this shed is used for, but it about took my breath away when my husband pointed it out to  me.  I can picture it being a play house for children, a place to sit outside in during the evenings, or a potting shed.  I did notice wreath hooks on each door, so I can only imagine how pretty this home will look during the Christmas Holiday.

They have such a nice selection of plants for Fall color.  Something interesting we noticed - at some of the yards in town, the homeowners had raked the leaves and they were piled along the front edge of the property just behind the curbs.  We asked our son about it, and he said the city comes by and picks up the leaves if people rake them to the curb. . . no charge.  Now if our city could just see it in their hearts to do that for us, instead of charging us to pick them up, and then charging us to get mulch from them in the Spring.  I guess that's the difference between small and large towns.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you are enjoying the Fall colors where you are.  We have had really mild temperatures, which makes it nice for cleaning out the gardens and keeping leaves picked up.  This is a bonus year for us - no acorns from our two huge Pin Oaks in the front yard!


  1. Reading your last three posts almost made me want to cry...I LOVE fall in Nebraska and am feeling a little lonely for it-I miss the fireplace and the snuggly blanket. You write a great blog and I am enjoying transporting myself now and then...miss you cuz...

  2. The fall colors out here on the eastern plains are rather drab. There are only a few trees that have red leaves and the rest are just yellow or brown.♥♫

  3. I can see why you liked that garden. I need to put a bike outside and decorate it!

  4. I love your wreath! That is a nice looking place. The bike and trikes are cool.