Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Snow

My last post was titled First Snow, and I'm hoping by calling this one Last Snow, that it will be the end of the weather we had yesterday.  What a week it has been!  In spite of having a cold, I spent time outside cleaning out the flower beds, planting lettuce seed, and taking down my Winter decorations.  It looked kind of silly having ice skates, crafted snowmen, painted snow signs, and such in the yard while the flowers were beginning to sprout.

I still had berries for the birds

The ground cover had begun to turn green

The Daylilies were beginning to poke up through the dirt

The Daffodils were sprouting

The Iris were making their appearance

I planted lettuce in my wagon

And the cats were happy to hear the Catnip was growing once again

The tree tops in the evenings were so pretty as the sun set

And then Mother Nature pulled a nasty trick on us . . . as she's been known to do in Nebraska

It snowed . . . 

and it snowed, 

and it snowed . . . and then the power went out

We spent most of yesterday either at the cafe in the local grocery store, or huddled in blankets with candles burning at home . . . for 13 hours, as the temperature in the house went down and the temperature in the refrigerator went up.  After 11 inches of snow, we can now see the pavement!

The lettuce seeds are well insulated and will be watered naturally in the next few days

Such is life, in Nebraska . . .