Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!!

This week, I'm going to show another garden I visited last month during our citie's annual Backyard Garden Habitat Tour.  

This yard had many conversation areas.  This simple little sign led us to their first area, along with a small foot bridge that passed over a faux stream.

On the other side of the picket fence is another conversation area.  A few of the gardens on the tour had fire pits raised like this one.  I think we may do this to ours.  I have been moving ours around the yard to avoid burning the grass in one place, but I think I'll find a permanent place and do this.  There's a lot more stones and pebbles than what I would like in my yard . . . but difference is what makes the gardens interesting.

They also used landscape stones to make raised flower beds.

Another foot bridge with a small stream

I thought this was a cute idea - a small clay pot upturned on a section of rebar for focal interest

Another area to sit and enjoy the surroundings

The last gathering area in their yard - a pond, with an Asiatic feel to it 

I've seen the forms to make these foot path stones, but had never seen them used in a garden  

I thought this path turned out really nice using the stone path forms

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Surviving the heat

The heat is taking it's toll on the Midwest!  I can only water so much, and I think the strange seasons we've had, have had an effect on our blooms.  I know my tomato plants are suffering - they aren't even worthy of a photo.  I've added tons of mulch, but need/would like to add more.

The circle of bricks had daffodils in it in the Spring.  I think I'll dig them up and put a Hibiscus in that area.

I had 3 buds on my Stargazer this year.  The first one opened fine, the other two looked like they were rotten.  Their fragrance is intoxicating!

Happy faces 

My Astilbe are doing great!

The Astilbe, Heuchera, and a few Hostas are loving their area this year.

I love this fun Corkscrew Rush I planted this year.  I also put one in a planter that I am going to move to the ground.

The Knautia is doing great

This is a Quick Fire Hydrangia I bought a couple years ago.  Last year it was covered with blooms - this year. . . ONE flower.  I have NO idea why.

The birds have been enjoying the bird baths and when I have the sprinkler on, the Robins bring their off spring for showers.  It's been fun watching the Chickadee's sitting on the Coneflower blossoms and sway too and fro as they pick insects out of them.  They've been too fast for me to get any photos of them so far.

The Chickadee kept going in and out of the knothole in this fence picket.

I got this Mistical Amber Mist Coneflower last year.  The rabbits chewed all the buds off as soon as they sprouted up this Spring.  I quickly put chicken wire around them and was able to get a couple blooms from them.  I've been scouring garage sales for more attractive barriers - I got four of these half baskets for $1 each.  It should keep the rabbits away from the base of the plant next year.

Little Grapette Day Lily

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy Nature.  I'm ready for Spring of 2013!!