Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's Bloomin' Tuesday!!

This week, I'm going to show another garden I visited last month during our citie's annual Backyard Garden Habitat Tour.  

This yard had many conversation areas.  This simple little sign led us to their first area, along with a small foot bridge that passed over a faux stream.

On the other side of the picket fence is another conversation area.  A few of the gardens on the tour had fire pits raised like this one.  I think we may do this to ours.  I have been moving ours around the yard to avoid burning the grass in one place, but I think I'll find a permanent place and do this.  There's a lot more stones and pebbles than what I would like in my yard . . . but difference is what makes the gardens interesting.

They also used landscape stones to make raised flower beds.

Another foot bridge with a small stream

I thought this was a cute idea - a small clay pot upturned on a section of rebar for focal interest

Another area to sit and enjoy the surroundings

The last gathering area in their yard - a pond, with an Asiatic feel to it 

I've seen the forms to make these foot path stones, but had never seen them used in a garden  

I thought this path turned out really nice using the stone path forms


  1. I love garden tours--so interesting to see how differently people put together their gardens. Also a neat way to "steal" a few ideas-LOL!
    I've been wanting a firepit, but we spend the majority of the year under burn bans, and wonder if I'd even feel "safe" having one. Love em though.

  2. What a lovely garden. Thanks for the tour!

  3. I love going our garden tour. I always see things
    I want to try and some I know I wouldn't like.Many nice areas in this garden. Jean