Monday, June 25, 2012

On my June 7 post, I wrote about some picket fence I had picked up curb side and what I had done with the gate.  Now, I've found a use for the shorter section of fence.  I've planted a Duchess of Edinburgh clematis vine in front of it and hope it attaches on and takes off.  We'll have to see what happens next year at bloom time.

My old fashioned phlox are blooming, along with the drumstick allium, coneflowers, and the day lilies are putting on their show.

Although I'm not fond of the blooms, my hostas are going gangbusters.  I'll cut the blooms off when I can stand to be out in the heat that has hit us this week.

We've been busy the past few days putting mulch down in the flower beds.  It has been so hot and windy that everything is drying out so fast!

~ a much happier shady area ~

I hope you are able to stay cool and yet enjoy your gardens.  Thank you Jean for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday! Stop over and look at the other gardens posting this week.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Backyard Habitat Tour

Last weekend was our annual Audubon Society Backyard Habitat Tour - one of my favorite events to visit.  I took SO many photos, that there are too many for one post.  I'll post a different home every week or so. This year, a number of the homes were on one street that is in an older part of town with lovely older homes.   The area was known as 'professors row' at one time because of it's location to the Ag area of the University of Nebraska and the fact that a lot of the professors lived along the street.  I'm  going to start with my favorite , and the one I took the most pictures at.  If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know how I love to add rusty points of interest and little nick knacks.  I went to school and Girl Scouts with this homeowner, and then she went on to work with my Mom in the Municipal Court system.  I am in love with all of her miniature fairy gardens!!  I'll be taking my Mom over for her private tour and pick Cathy's brain a little more for my container I plan on adding fairies to.  

I'll let my pictures do the speaking ~ 

I LOVE this!!

How sweet is this!

They do have a tiny bit of grass

Thanks to Jean for giving us the opportunity to share our passion!