Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goodnight Garden. . .

We've been putting the garden and yard to bed for the year.  Fall fertilizer has been put on, to be followed by Winter fertilizer the end of the month, cutting back perennials, pulling out annuals and scattering their seeds, and forever raking leaves.  As it happens every two years, my leaf  blower/vac died, and I am waiting for it's warranty replacement to be delivered - I'm sure there will be plenty of leaves left when it arrives.

When we were working outside yesterday, I noticed a self made sundae for the birds.  Our Red Jade Crabapple is always loaded with berries, and this year, one of them impaled it's self onto a dried Purple Coneflower.  The Robins are the beneficiaries of the berries, and the Chickadees and Goldfinches eat the Coneflower seeds. . . so we'll see who eats first.

There are still quite a few berries left.

The Robins almost seem to get intoxicated when eating the berries.  They get very aggressive, chasing and fighting for them.  They take breaks and come up to the deck to drink and bathe in the birdbath.  

I have very few blooms left, but my Geranium is still hanging on.  I think I'll bring this one inside for the Winter.

I like the Fall interest my dried Hydrangea adds

I bought these small pumpkins at our local garden center and hope they dry nicely for me.  

It never entered my mind you could dry pumpkins for future decorating, but this photo from a Facebook friend proves it.

I hope you are enjoying a nice long Fall . . . because we all know what comes next.