Thursday, November 3, 2011


This post is in response to Sue , who wanted to know what I used for my edges in my flower beds.  These blocks are used in the long flower bed that goes the length of the yard.

For the island bed, we have landscape fabric under the Colorado River Rock and when mowing, we just put a wheel just inside the edge on the rocks.  From time to time, grass might start to sneak into the rocks, so we pull it out after a good soaking rain.

We don't have anything down near the edge of the Hosta bed, because in the past, having mulch up under the Hostas that are along the edge made a perfect hang out for slugs, and then they munched away on the Hostas.   About 2 feet in from the edge, we do have landscape fabric and big bark chips.  To mow, we just sneak one side of the mower under the Hostas and go around the edge.  We never have a problem with grass creeping into that bed, possibly because of the Hostas making too much shade there.

And in this small bed, we put these little crescent shaped edgers.  They were really easy to work with.  I'm thinking of picking a spot in the yard to put a circle of these to sit the fire pit on so we don't burn the grass every year.

The blocks were bought at our local lumber/box store and I'm sure they are available at many more.  They all come in different colors too.

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  1. Oh, thank you for this post.
    I'm having a devil of a time keeping the grass out of some of my beds. Others, I have no problem with. Well, duh----you said it right here---SHADE. My "ah-ha" moment!!
    Love the crescent shaped edgers you have. I've not seen them before, but definately love the shape of them
    Thanks again!!

  2. We have a lot of blocks like those in your first photo.

    I need to figure out what kind of mulch to put in the front yard next year. I'm thinking of getting some wood chips or something like that, because it will also need to go into the planting areas, but the rocks may block some of the seedlings in the future.

  3. My first time visitng your blog and I really admire your gardens. Those edgers are sure alot of workto put in!