Monday, October 24, 2011

Bloomin' Tueday

Time for one last Bloomin' Tuesday at Ms Green Thumb Jean's blog.  Not much is blooming anymore, so all I have to offer is dried blooms, favorite things, and visiting critters getting ready for Winter.

One of my favorite decorations for Fall is my pumpkin made from barbed wire ~

The bushes are ready to feed the birds for the Winter ~

And the Squirrels are burying acorns anywhere they can dig a hole.

Sometimes, I cut my Hydrangea when the flowers are white, sometimes when they are green, and sometimes not at all.  I hot glued green and brown blooms into a styrofoam wreath and wired it to my old screen window for the Winter.  It will be interesting how it holds up over the Winter.

I put my trusty old wheelbarrow in the front with pumpkins, a little hay bale, and a bushel basket with pots of Sedum Autumn Joy, Rudbeckia, yellow Mums, Kale, and Purple Fountain Grass in it.  A tip I read a couple of weeks ago was to spray your pumpkins with flat polyurethane to keep the squirrels from chewing them up. They haven't gone near it and the pumpkins at the neighbors across the street has been eaten down to the bottom.

I hope you are enjoying Fall where you are.  While it's a very pretty time of year, I don't look forward to Winter at all.


  1. Judy love your fall touches ....I dry hydrangea for indoors... will be interesting to see how your lovely wreath makes it thru winter. Cute vignette with wheelbarrow...

  2. Hi Judy. We are in spring and the great thing about blogland is that I can come here and ecperience aitumn in your garden as well as spring in mine! Love the wheelbarrow.

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  3. Love your hydrangea wreath! And the wheelbarrow arrangement. I've not been able to work in the gardens since I had hand surgery. I really miss it!

  4. Love the Barbed wire pumpkin! I think those dark squirrels are so pretty. We do not have them here so I am always amazed when I see a picture of one. Your Fall wheelbarrow looks so nice too.

  5. Love your fall decorations, especially the barbed wire pumpkin. Also that black squirrel. I saw my first one a couple of weeks ago when we went to Niagara Falls. They look so soft and shiny.

  6. You have BLACK squirrels!! I saw those in northern Kansas one year on our geology tour! CUTE! though not so cute if they eat your pumpkins!! Love your wreath too, very seasonal-y (is that a word?) Winter will be here soon. .I like fall, but winter is NOT my cup of tea! Enjoy!!

  7. Love the hydrangea wreath and the wheelbarrow. Jean

  8. I love that hydrangea wreath! Not used to seeing black squirrels.