Monday, July 18, 2011

One picture, many questions . . .


Why, when a plant puts out such pretty flowers, do I only get one bloom?  Oh well, better one bloom than none.  I can only imagine how the neighborhood would smell if I had more than one bloom.  I can smell this beauty 10 feet away from it.  I'm really glad it isn't a Daylily so I can enjoy it longer.

Why, when I go outside to deadhead my plants, do I look like a deadhead when I'm done?

And why is it so blasted hot?!?!?!  It was 83° at 6:00AM this morning.

~ Stargazer Lily ~


  1. Your Stargazer is very pretty, one of my favorites. Mine haven't started opening yet. Hope you get some relief from the heat.

  2. At least the Stargazer lasts awhile. Yours is beautiful. Many of us bloggers must think so, since images of them are filling the blogasphere this week - including my own.

  3. Yesterday in southern Kansas it was 98 degrees by the time we left for church a little before 10 am!! We're on a LOOOOOONNG streak of 100 plus weather. .and NO rain!! Hang in there. .it could always be worse!!

  4. Don't know about question #1. But question #2 is because of question #3! Too hot for deadheading!

    Love that Stargazer lily. I have one as well.

  5. Is it a young one? That's the only thing I can think of! Quite pretty regardless.

  6. Love the Stargazer lilies-the scent is incredible. It might only have one bloom if it's young, or maybe try adding a little bonemeal to the soil next spring.

  7. One of my all time favorite flowers! It has been in the 80s here at 6 AM also, reached 102 yesterday, awful.