Friday, July 15, 2011

Garden Bloom Day

A while back, I showed some of the old 'treasures' that I like to have in my garden.  Today, for May Dreams Garden Bloom Day I'm going to show what is blooming in some of them.

One set of double wash tubs has pink and white Impatiens and is surrounded by Honeysuckle Vine on each side of the retaining wall ~

My sons know I like old wagons and wheelbarrows, so my oldest one picked up two wagons at an auction recently.  I put my hanging planter with Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine in it . . . much easier to water ~

An old white and red enamel bowl with Sedums ~

An old Red Wing crock with a broken bottom . . . still works for garden art ~

My other double wash tubs with one Vista Silverberry petunia plant in each side.  I conquered the dreaded tobacco bud worm this year ~

My old tub in the front filled with red and white Impatiens . . . waiting for Nebraska football ~

This isn't part of my antique container theme, but I had to take a picture of a visitor I had last night on my Red Valerian - the black female form of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ~

This is a shot of my long flower bed and all it's blooms.  It surprises me every day with a 'new face'

Thank you to Carol for my first opportunity to post on your Garden Bloom Day


  1. You have used your "found" containers really well and have inspired me.

  2. I love your use of containers and everything that bloomimg in your garden. Really lovely!
    Happy GBBD :)

  3. I love all of your wonderful repurposed containers, but especially that first shot of the washtubs with the honeysuckle behind.

    Welcome to GBBD!

  4. You certainly know how to plant and maintain beautiful containers. Beautiful!

  5. I sure do love those double wash tubs. Hubby is having a dickens of a time trying to find me a set at auction. Love the impatiens in there. Did you have good luck with the Vista Silverberry? I wondered if they get "leggy" and need trimming?

  6. the Female Tiger in her black dress.....

  7. Your long flowerbed is simply gorgeous! I love the way you have used so many "found" objects--the old washtubs look beautiful with the impatiens. But the other washtub would look much prettier with an orange and blue combo:)--Welcome to the Big Ten and Happy Bloom Day!

  8. Wow! One of my bloggers I follow (Pam's English Cottage Garden - you can see her blog on my blogroll) gave a great description in today's post - of what a really English Cottage Garden is.

    I think yours fits just perfectly. All your special containers are so whimsical and wonderful.

    You've done a lovely job and it's really paying off.

  9. like you accessories . i need to go to some auctions in nebraska.

  10. Hi Judy,
    Your containers and flower bed are looking full and happy. I love how you have your containers situated and planted. I think that first double one with the honeysuckle is my favorite, too. I hope we all survive the heat!