Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bloomin' Tueday

The hot temperatures bring continuing or new blooms.  I'm so glad I bought this new Coneflower this year.  I just hope it gets as nice and full as the one in my previous post.

Pink Double Delight 

Purpurea Alba white Coneflower mixed in with my purple coneflowers

Mistical (yes, that's how they spelled it) Amber Mist Coneflower - smells soooo good!

A Monarch butterfly enjoying a coneflower

And then over to drink some water off of a Tiger Lily

The 'business end' of a Tiger Lily - you almost have to stand on your head to get a photo

I don't know the names of my phlox - just by color

Pink Phlox

White with pink center Phlox

Wild Petunia

Thanks to Jean for hosting Bloomin' Tuesday.  Stop over and visit the many gardens that are linked there.


  1. Love your collection of coneflowers!

  2. Grandma would be so proud of your gardens...they are amazing!!

  3. That Pink Double Delight is a beauty!

  4. You have some beautiful coneflowers, one of my favorite flowers. Great pics of the monarch too!

  5. Love your header. If that is your view lucky you and lots of hard work. I love your coneflowers and pink double delight is stunning. Great job with the butterfly.

  6. I've never seen that Amber Mist coneflower. Is that a new release? It's quite pretty!

  7. Your coneflowers are beautiful and I absolutely love that Tiger Lily!!!!!

  8. oh man...the tiger lilies are awesome. I need to see if they grow here. So pretty!

  9. Your blooms are spectacular!! I'm so sad that ours are so pathetic this year. .the drought and super heat (I forget how many days over 100 we have had this summer. .but somewhere near 30 or more now) have really taken their toll on the gardens. .and the gardenERS!!

  10. I've never seen the double ones in the first photo. They are gorgeous. Stopping by from Cozy Little House to say hi. She had a picture of your wash tub area of your garden so I had to come check it out!