Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Harvest

I always say Spring is my favorite time of year, with everything coming back to life, turning green, being able to throw open the windows, but, knock wood, we are having a pretty nice Fall so far.  Although I don't really have anything to harvest, our son has had a bountiful crop of cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, broccoli, and pumpkins.  This has been the first year they've really had the space and climate to have a garden, and for their first time, I think they did quite well!

Isn't this a beauty?!

I like them when they're green too!  I wonder if there is a way to keep them from ripening further

They have a lot of various ornamental grasses and hostas.  I hope to get a couple starts of the variegated one - I believe it is Zebra Grass 

I don't have a lot blooming in my yard for Fall interest, so I got a pot of mums for the front porch to keep the impatiens and lancifolia hosta company

In the back, the hydrangea blooms are turning brown, the hummingbirds are enjoying the lancifolia hostas, the bees are enjoying sedum autumn joy, and the grasses have their seed heads

This is a little pot and set of birds I got at an estate sale this Summer.  I have no intention of using the pot for planting. . . just a perch for my birds

I also picked up this shallow waterer for the birds - it's about the only  thing rabbits are good for in a garden

I've been watering the shade garden where my caladium is so I can dig them up and store them for next year.  The ground is hard as concrete with the drought we've had

As the day light gets shorter, I am hoping we will see more Fall colors.  The one and only thing I don't like about Fall is that I know what season is coming next.  Although Winters can be harsh in Nebraska, I can't imagine living anywhere that doesn't have the four seasons like we do.

I hope you are enjoying Fall!


  1. Fall has always been my favorite season and the ONE thing I miss the most-we live in constant summer here with only two seasons..wet and wetter!! This will be the last fall I miss!!

  2. Your garden is lovely. What a cute bunny!