Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall is in the air . . .

Things are winding down in the flower beds, and the Fall bloomers have kicked in.  My Black Jack Sedum is ahead of the Autumn Joy in the bloom progression, so I will show it this week.  

My Coreopsis are in their third flush of blooms

Both varieties get covered with bees this time of the year 

My grasses are ready to show off too.  Although it looks like the sprinkler is on spraying in this flower bed, it is my Sand Love Grass along next to my Artemisia.

Some of the sedum in my enamel bowl planter is in bloom also

I admired this yard when we were in Monticello, IA in August.  Her old rusty bikes were calling my name.  I love the way she has them scattered in her berm - - it looks like they are having a party.

Of course, I had to take a picture of each one separately.  I love this one, and don't think I've every seen one this old before.  While I love the basket, I think I would have chosen live flowers for it.

Look at the solid front wheel and the pedals on this one

This one looks a lot like the one I have in my landscape

I really like the setting she has by the door.  An old grocery cart - again, I would have chosen live flowers, but it still has charm.

Hopefully next post I will get the rest of our last visit to the Riverside Gardens in Monticello, IA 


  1. Those bikes are kind of cute. And I love your Sand Love grass. I've never heard of it, but I'll look for it at our local greenhouse.

    Have a great week! Cindy

  2. I love the grass--and I'm with Cindy--I've never heard of it either-it's a beauty!
    THe Black Jack Sedum is interesting too. I just have the plain Autumn Joy-but it is indeed a bee magnet!

  3. Glad you showed the bicycle closeups. .I eyed the metal wheeled trike IMMEDIATELY!! Cool!! The grasshoppers ate the foliage off my sedums. .but I noticed the other day that they will bloom anyway!! Yeah!! I also love the blackjack. .the different colored foliage is definitely nice!! Thanks for sharing. .can't wait to see the other vacation pictures too!

  4. Love those bikes! I'm the same as Sue, only have Autumn Joy. I should really look for some different ones.

    We are really feeling the 'fall air', especially in the evenings.