Monday, June 6, 2011

Bunnies, Blue Jays and Blooms. . .

Yes, this cutie is living in the wild. Our neighbors behind us had a cage full of bunnies a few weeks ago, and this one got out. Evidently, they aren't too worried about it, because my hubby caught it and gave it to them to put back in the cage . . . call it Houdini I guess. The cage full of bunnies is gone, and now there is a cage with 4 little chickens in it . . . future meals? I don't know, but this little one has been living in everyone's back yards the past couple of weeks. Isn't it pretty? And the eyes are the same on both side - we're wondering if it's a boy or a girl ~

This morning when I stepped onto the porch, I was greeted by this little Blue Jay that I'll call Shorty. . . for obvious reasons. It just sat there and wasn't alarmed at all ~

Then these two were in the Birch tree in the back . . . I'll call them Heckle and Jeckle ~

The Sedum on the back slope is coming into bloom ~

And the Pansies are still doing really well, considering the heat we've had ~

Artemisia is now blooming ~

As well as the Moonbeam Coreopsis and purple Salvia ~

and, white Salvia ~

Every day brings new blooms. The Stella de Oro day lilies in the raised planter in the back are full of buds, and my Hydrangeas have buds. The end of June/first of July will bring loads of Day Lilies.


  1. That's the most fun thing about gardening is the near-daily changes in the garden!! Aren't God's creation wondrous??!

  2. Hi Judy,
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful place this morning. It was cool seeing your header photo in person, and now, seeing the plants you've posted, and thinking to myself, "I saw that today!" I did not see the bunny, however, and I am not sad about that. There was a wild rabbit across the street this evening, and a neighbor girl told me to look at the cute bunny. I don't remember what I said to her, but it wasn't anything happy about seeing the bunny.

    A garden blogger from Nebraska City found my blog today. I am tickled to see another Nebraska gardener blogging.