Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long time no post . . .

The weather here has us so confused.  One week it's hot, the next is pleasant.  Today brings a pleasant week, so I went out and took some photos.  I have been planting as weather permitted.  Seems like it rains every other day - so we just make do with what we are given.

While my Tree Peonies are done blooming, the herbaceous Peonies are beginning along with the Bearded and Japanese Iris and Daisies.  They are usually open around Memorial Day, so we can use them for bouquets to place on graves of loved ones and brave soldiers that have passed.  This year, the florists are going to be busy instead.

My Miss Kim Lilac bushes have just finished blooming.  We enjoy having them so close to the house, so when the weather is nice, we can have the deck door open and enjoy their fragrance inside as well as while on the deck. 

The butterflies have been enjoying them too.

Slowly but surely, as we get a few sunny days in between rainy days, the flowers are starting to bloom.

This puzzles me.  I have many varieties of Day lilies, and in the center of this plant, the foliage has a white stripe through it. 

Last year, I planted this Knock Out Rose in front of my old garden gate and hung the Wren house.  For some reason, the rose bush is spindly at the bottom . . . not much foliage - but the Wrens don't seem to mind.  They have been busy bringing sticks into the house for a nest - but I have yet been able to get a picture of them doing so.

A Nuthatch came to the feeders while I was on the deck this morning.

Last week, we spotted a Wood Duck and her ducklings in the neighbors yard.  At one point, they were under our deck before visiting the next yard.

I was happy to see this Geranium blooming that I got from Sue at A Corner Garden last year.

I am ready for the Hummingbirds to come!  My Honeysuckle has gone gangbusters and is ready for them, as is our feeder.  We haven't seen any yet, but a friend that lives in the country near town has.

I hope you are enjoying a colorful and beautiful Spring!


  1. Your blooms are so pretty---you have a lot of color....I'm still at the drab stage, but thankfully everyone on the net has pics for me to look at!

    And what a lucky break getting a picture of Mama Duck and the little ones---so cute!

  2. Even though you are north of me by a ways. .your garden seems to be ahead of mine. .my daisies aren't blooming, though I anticipate they will be by the weekend maybe. My orange honeysuckle vine is about bloomed out. .I did spot a hummer on the fly, but with end of school activities around here. .I haven't had much time to sit and watch!! We have some nesting bluebirds in our boxes. .YAY!! And I LOVE to watch those fly from fence to fence!! Enjoy your week!

  3. The colour is just magnificant! Welcome back.

  4. Keeping me connected...thanks cuz..