Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bloomin' Tueday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday on Ms Green Thumb Jean's blog and since it's been a while since I posted, I thought I'd join in.

My flower beds are winding down, but there are a few new faces.


Naked Ladies

Euphorbia ~ Bonfire

This hosta is one of my later blooming ones.  It's white flowers smell like Easter Lilies ~

Here is some foliage that is adding color.  
Japanese Bloodgrass ~

I especially like my new foliage that I got from Sue this Spring.  Two of my starts are doing nicely.

Painter's Pallet~

And now that the squirrels have given up on my Impatiens, they are looking much better.

My Annabelle Hydrangea has now turned to green.  I hope to get the blooms cut and stick them in a wreath.

We were in Monticello, IA last week again and I got more great photos of their community garden.  I hope to publish them next week.

Again, thanks to Jean for hostessing Bloomin' Tuesday!


  1. Love the idea of the impatiens in the wheelbarrow-how cute!
    And that Euphorbia-love the color. Everything is looking good!!

  2. Your flowers are so gorgeous -- so healthy looking and colorful!

  3. Your flowers look nice. Mine are fighting the heat.

  4. Your plants have handled the heat much better than mine have. Everything looks great!

  5. They may be 'winding down' but they are gorgeous. Nice photos today. And I just love the impatiens in the wheelbarrow!

  6. Your moonflowers look huge! And those naked ladies-gorgeous! (Hmmm, that's not something you hear out of my mouth everyday. ;0))

  7. My moonflowers are in my vegetable garden. I've had them in the front east bed before, but for some reason, I don't have seedlings of them coming up in the spring. I've kind of run out of room for them there, anyway.

    Thanks for the link. I referred to you in a recent post, but forgot to put the link in.