Monday, May 23, 2011

I love Spring! It's a time of new beginnings, when everything starts anew. Today also happens to be our youngest son's birthday - both of our sons were born in May, is it any wonder why I love May and Spring? What better time to start a blog about my passion. For my first post, I'll let my plants introduce themselves to you as they wake up and bloom for us.

My first bloomers are my daffodils, who are being watched over by my Garden Duck, which has been passed down to me from my Great Grandmother and then my Grandmother.

Jade Crabapple

Bleeding Heart

Tree Peony

most of my iris are passalongs, so I don't know their names ~

I call this one Rootbeer ~

The weather has been so nice that we can leave the deck doors open and the fragrance from my lilacs and iris drifts into the house ~

Hopefully, as Summer passes, I'll be able to put my posts together a little faster. Bear with me as I construct my blog. I hope it is beautiful in your gardens!


  1. Very nice Judy. It will intersting watching your garden and your blog unfold over the summer and fall.

  2. Great job! Looks great-as I become garden-less I can 'live' through your gorgeous yard-

  3. Hi Judy! We had a wild day, and I just now turned my computer on for the evening. Usually, it's on as soon as I get home, but we had Larry's brother who lives in Colorado over for supper, and our son and his 2 sons also came over. I had to do some straightening up and cook supper. I did make it outside for half an hour or so, doing a little gardening.

    I love your background and the look of your blog! I see you figured out how to get the blog roll on your sidebar. You can click on the weather thing from my sidebar, and then it will give you a code to put in your sidebar. You go to "add a gadget" like you did for the blog roll, and I think it goes where you add a link.

    Also, if you want larger photos, you click on each photo after you have gotten it into a post, and you can click on the size you want. Original size will be too big, though. If you click, "design" at the top of the blog, you can then go to "Template Designer". If you click on "Adjust Widths" you can make the body of your blog wider, which will enable the larger size photos to fit into your blog. I have mine set at 990px for the entire blog, and 250px for the sidebar. You can also go into "Advanced" and have all sorts of fun messing with colors and fonts.

    Oh, and I love your blooms and garden art! That gate is awesome!

  4. Good luck on your new blog!! Your flowers are beautiful!! I am a gardener from southcentral Kansas. .and enjoy seeing what people can grow that are closer in proximity to me! Hope you are enjoying some moisture. .and no bad weather!